Indian Government Announcements will be Affordable from next week.

indian government announcements

The India Government has said that these announcements will be affordable from next week.

indian government announcements The new financial year is set to start from April. In this new financial year, there are many things to get relief from the common people, but with this, inflation will also be hit. Under the new rules, there will be some major changes from April 1, which will directly affect the common man’s pocket. Let’s know what will be cheaper and more expensive than April 1

  1. The home will be cheaper to buy: – Buying a home will be cheaper from April 1, 2019. GST Council has instructed to introduce new rates of GST from 1st April. It will take 5 per cent tax on the under construction houses instead of 12 per cent. At the Affordable House, GST has been reduced from 8 per cent to one per cent. It will be cheaper to make home. The home buyer will get the benefit. indian government announcements
  2. Life insurance will be cheap: – Buying life insurance will be cheaper from April 1st. Actually, from April 1, companies will follow new data on mortality rates. So far, insurance companies were using data from 2006-08, which will now be changed to 2012-14. From this new change, the maximum benefit will be from 22 to 50 years old people.
  3. Loan will be cheap: – It will be very cheap to take all kind of loans from April. Banks will now offer loans on the basis of RBI’s repo rate, instead of MCLR. With this it is expected that all types of debt will be cheap. Reduce the interest rate immediately after reducing the repo rate of the RBI. Now the banks themselves decide when the rate of interest has to be decreased.

What would be expensive indian government Announcements

  1. Buying a car will be costly: – Buying a car will be expensive since April 1. In fact, the first car in the Indian market, Tata Motors, Renault India, Jaguar Land Rover India (JLR), Mahindra and Mahindra, Toyota Motors have announced to increase their product line-up prices. Companies say that due to rising costs and external economic reasons, the prices of car models are forced to increase.
  2. Drive will be expensive: – Running a car from April 1 can be expensive. Indeed, the price of natural gas is expected to grow 18 percent. This will increase the prices of CNG used as auto fuel. It is believed that new prices will be applicable from April 1, 2019. Let us know that under the new Domestic Gas Policy 2014, prices of natural gas are fixed every six months. This formula is based on foreign prices.
  3. Cooking will be expensive: – From April 1, cooking can be expensive in the country as the government can increase the price of Domestic Natural Gas. This can increase the prices of pipes supplied kitchen (PNG) in the country. Cooking costs will be costly by increasing gas prices.

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