How to clean Stomach Instantly 4 Ways

How to clean Stomach Instantly

How to clean Stomach Instantly Nowadays people eat more than they need because of which the stomach gets damaged. It is common if the stomach is bad. , many people are very troubled because of their stomach upset. There may be other reasons for stomach upset. Friends, if you are too tired of stomach disorder

Let’s know- 4 ways How to clean Stomach Instantly

1 . banana


banana you must know. It is a fruit, its taste is sweet. Its peel is yellow and the inside part is white. Banana is a very useful thing for the stomach. , if your stomach is bad then you should definitely eat banana and banana is also very beneficial for constipation. By taking banana, the problem of constipation is removed.

2.Sweet potato

sweet potatoes are countless beneficial. The sweet potato is available specially. If you wish, you can consume it daily. Friends, sweet potato is very helpful in cleansing the stomach if your stomach is spoiled due to bad food or because of excessive eating, you should eat sweet potato. By consuming acne, the stomach becomes cleansed and You feel comfortable, as well as by boiling or grinding sweet potato, it eliminates the problem of constipation.

  1. Eat rice

everyone consumes rice every day. You have often seen that people who consume daily rice do not have problems of constipation, it is necessary that you do not fry the rice and also make plain rice and eat it, it will end your constipation problem. ., if you are also troubled by the problem of constipation, then definitely eat rice. This is a lot of benefit for you

4 . Almond –

you all will know Almond is quite nutritious, if you want to keep your stomach clean, then keep almonds soaked in water 2 hours before and after eating it, take out its peel and eat it by doing your stomach Will always be clean and will not be constipated. Friends, almonds are also beneficial for stimulating the brain if you have a weak brain, you must eat almonds.

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