5 Bathing Mistakes should not be done at all mistakes

Bathing mistakes

5 Bathing mistakes should not be done at all while bathing

  1. We should not take too much time for
    bathing, for long, bathing of body skin
    causes disease and we may also have
    problems of itching, so take less time for
    Bathing mistakes.
  2.  To clean the body and hair, all shampoo
    and soap are used, but do you know how
    much chemicals in soap and shampoo are
    causing the skin of our body.
  3. Those who have a habit of using sponges
    while Bathing mistakes should tell them to not use the old sponge to be used for attacking
    because bacteria flourish in the old sponge
    which is not beneficial for our health and
    skin, hence every 4 We should change our
    press within weeks.
  4.  After bathing, the body should not be
    completely dry completely, because in this
    way the body is destroyed by ninth and the
    body becomes dry.
  5.  People often like to take bath with hot
    water, but you should tell them to take bath
    only with lukewarm water in the winter
    season, because bathing in hot water
  6. causes damage to our body and also
    damages the body.
    How many of you are such people who
    repeat all these Bathing mistakes  in the bath


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