5G launch Date in India Network will be launched

5G launch Date in India

5G launch Date in India Network will be launched

5G launch Date in India

5g launch date in india In the Mobile World Congress, with the smartphone makers companies, the main focus of the telecom companies is also on 5G All the technical companies have planned for 5G Global Availability and Infrastructure Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus and smartphone chipset maker Qualcomm have also prepared for 5G service As you know, OnePlus’s own Next Smartphone will support the 5G network, which has also been showcased at the Mobile World Congress. OnePlus, while issuing a statement in Barcelona, said that OnePlus and Qualcum are looking for a 5G trial in India.

According to a statement by OnePlus, the company is preparing to launch its 5G smartphone after the announcement of 5G smartphone before all the original equipment manufacturers around the world. For this, the company is considering trials of 5G in India along with Kualkam. However, the company has not made much public information about the 5G trial. 5G launch Date in India

According to OnePlus CEO Pete Lau, we have used the 800 Series Chipset of Qualcomm for its first flagship. Our strong company with Kualkam assures us that we will be able to make our best 5G device available to the world

It is worth mentioning that OnePlus started researching for 5G from 2016. A year later, the company started working with Qualcomm to create 5G devices. In October last year, OnePlus gave information about the prototype of the 5G device. Last year, OnePlus has shown tremendous growth in the Indian market. Company’s last flagship device OnePlus 6 was announced as India’s Leading Premium Segment Smartphone

Lunch is the world’s first 5G smartphone

HTC has launched the HTC U-12 smartphone in 2018. This smartphone will support 5G networks.

The Internet will run in the smartphone for 3 GB in seconds. All the companies have made their company’s best smartphone lunches. Such HTC has also launched its 5G smartphone phone. This smartphone has 128 GB internal storage with 6 GB of RAM. This smartphone comes with a 12 megapixel dual camera and 8 megapixel camera at the front.

This smartphone has a 6-inch full HD display. This smartphone has a 8.0 ORIO operating system. The value of this smartphone is priced at Rs 56,499 in India.

5G launch Date in India



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